© All Rights Reserved - Clovis Equine Clinic
© All Rights Reserved - Clovis Equine Clinic
     Clovis Equine Clinic is a broad care facility with hospitalization, and ambulatory services

  • Clovis Equine Clinic provides pre-purchase exams,wellness exams, herd health protocols, diagnostics, treatments, most surgeries and dentistry

  • Reproduction; Standing stallions (collect and ship cooled semen) and complete breeding services for your mare (board,pre-breeding evaluation,natural or artificial insemenation with colled or frozen semen.)

  • Ultrasound diagnostics; reproduction(folicle and uterine evaluation-preg-check), distal limb, tendon and ligament evaluation

  • Radiology- distal and upper limb, head, neck, and chest radiographs

  • Lameness evaluations and treatment

  • Endoscopy- Clovis Equine Clinic has  video endoscopy for throat and stomach evaluation

  • Dentistry- Using the lastet techniques in visual dentistry to help maintain your horses health

  • In house lab- Blood chemistry, complete blood count, urinalysis