Michael Stabbe attended Colorado State University,
 Wisconsin State University before being accepted 
and graduating from the University of Minnesota
 in June 1972.

Dr. Stabbe worked 1 yr. (1973) as resident veterinarian 
at a large quarter horse breeding facility in Minnesota
where he was responsible for the care and breeding 
of over 300 mares to thewhere he was responsible 
for the care and breeding of over 300 mares to the
 first Supreme Champion and 2 World Champions
 including Tonto Bars Hank and Depth Bars. 

In 1974, lured by palms, mild weather and a abundance of horses, 
Dr. Stabbe moved to Clovis, California and in 1981 founded 
Clovis Equine Clinic at its present location on north Sunnyside.

Dr. Stabbe attended the American College of Veterinarian Surgeons annual educational forum frequently from 1980 - 1998 as well as the U.C. Davis Lake Tahoe equine conference, and the American Association of Equine Practitioners annual meeting during the same time period.

Dr. Stabbe completed the internal fixation of fractures coarse in Ohio,
the arthroscopic surgery course at Colorado State University,
a reproduction and embryo transfer course at Colorado State University, the second international laproscopic surgery course in San Diego California, comprehensive dentistry courses, acupuncture course in 
Las Vegas, Nevada and a comprehensive ultra sound diagnostics course San Diego, California.

Dr. Stabbe and Clovis Equine Clinic staff performed the first colic surgery in the area in 1983, the first arthroscopic surgery in 1987 and treated fractures with internal fixation as early as 1987.

Clovis Equine Clinic has also performed many successful embryo flushes.

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